What is domain name and domain name extension?

What is domain name and domain name extension?

What is the domain name?

It seems easy for the pro but its quite new thing for a beginner.
The domain name addresses anyone type for the search in the website browser. It is unique for the website like DNA, fingerprint and it cannot be shared with another website. We can understand the domain names and websites as phones and phone numbers. A domain name is phone number which is used by the people to search the website and the website as a phone where they communicate/ read the content / get their query solved. Like phone number and phone, the domain name is not permanently stuck with one website. We can disconnect with the website whenever we want and connect with another website but simultaneously we cant connect one domain name with two websites.

How the domain name works? 

A domain name is the bunch of letters and the number, to make it user-friendly. But for the computer, it is a bunch of numbers as the computer understands the data in digits. Each computer and website have the IP address, the computer IP address is different and the website IP address is different.  It is hard for any user to remember the long digits and the IP addresses, so the domain name is developed to search a website on the internet rather than IP addresses.

How to purchase a Domain name? 

The domain name is the first step to built a website, to build a website one must buy a domain name related to the website as it helps the website and the website ranking in the future.
There is a service provider who sells domain names. We can go to their website and buy the domain according to our needs and budget. There is some company who provide free domain but in the free domain, they will also attach their company name too, like WordPress, Wix, Weebly. WordPress provides domain name but then the website name will be www.xyz.wordpress.com , similarly to the other website  www.xyz.wix.com, www.xyz.weebly.com. Actually, they provide free subdomain and while it is free we don’t own the own it.  Subdomain website is not beneficial if we are looking for a long term and to create a brand.
The different domain name registration are GoDaddy.com, BigRock.com, host4geeks.in. In this, we buy/register our domain name for a year or more than a year, depend upon our requirement and the company’s service. It will cost approx 10$ to 15$ per year and it will fluctuate according to the name of the domain and the domain extension.
Additionally, we need to renew the domain from time to time, unless we will lose the domain name.  Don’t worry! The company sends the email regarding the renewal of the domain name before expiring it. But once the domain gets expired all the hard work, all the work done on the website will be gone.

What is the domain name extension?

The domain name extension is the last part of the domain name. For example, .com, .net, .in etc.
Today, thousands of different domain name extensions are available.  But the most common domain name extensions are:
1.      .com:- It is one of the most popular used domain name extension. It basically represents the commercial organization and has no restrictions on who can use it.
2.      .net:- It extension is basically a short form of network and represents the company deals with networking technologies and internet infrastructure.
3.      .org:- This was first created for the non-profits, now it is common for the education-based website, schools, etc.
4.      .co:- It is a domain name extension used for the company.
Tips:- Generally go for .com domain extension first, if it not available then go for other extensions.

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