Introduction To Blogging & Different Types of Blogging Platforms

Different types of blogging platforms and subdomains. 

Blogging is the best way to express our thoughts and get connect with the world. But it’s tough to choose the right blogging platform, there are several blogging platforms. In this article, I will be reviewing the best blogging platform available today.
There is a blogging site which provides free and paid services, which is helpful for beginners and later makes it a big hit.

The most used blogging platforms are:

# WordPress

WordPress is the most famous blogging platform. WordPress has more than 30% of all the websites on the internet.
WordPress is of two forms, one is and another is They both are different. is an open-source for free blogging or website which help the user to build it in minutes. We can grow our blog with extra features like a forum, online store, and paid membership, but we have to manage our website, backup, and security by own.
While offers a blog hosting service for free but we have to purchase the additional storage, domain name, and other services. No setup is required for it, and completely free but with a subdomain like But it is free we don’t own the website and we cant run an ad on it.

# Blogger

It is a blogging service provided by Google. Anyone can use the blogger, it didn’t require any technical knowledge. It has also added the advantage of Google’s robust secure platform and reliability.
But it is limited to basic tools, fewer themes templates available.  The biggest cons of the blogger are that they can suspend our blog at any time and sometimes without any notification.


Wix offer solutions for small business to build a website, they use drag and drop to build the website and by using Wix Blog app we can add a blog to the website. It is easy and quick and no coding skills required.
The drawback of Wix is that once the theme is selected we cannot change it.

 # Tumblr

It is a bit different than another blogging platform. It is a microblogging platform and has social networking features like sharing, reblogging, etc
It is free with a subdomain like, it is easy to quickly blog videos, GIFs, images and audio formats.
The drawback of Tumblr is that it’s backing up or importing to another platform is difficult.


Medium is a blogging platform that is now transforming into the community. It is a big platform that grown into a community of writers, bloggers, and journalists.  Like another blogging website it also doesn’t require any coding skills.
 It will also provide a blogging platform with a subdomain, we cant use our own domain. The design feature is limited and we can’t run any ads to earn money.

Prices for blogging platform:

#Wordpress:  It is free but need a domain name and hosting which will cost 10$-15$per year
#Blogger:   It is free with subdomain.

#Wix:   It is free with subdomain and with the custom domain it is $4.50 per month

#Tumblr:  It is free. We can purchase a custom domain for Tumblr.

#Medium:  It is free.
Conclusion: After going through many blogging platforms, I analysed that the best & free blogging platform is Google Blogger & paid one is WordPress Blogging from all the other blogging sites. It is the most flexible platform to create the blog and to change a theme, easy to use and effective.

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