How many types of websites

How many types of websites.

It is very important to provide attention to the website. There are more than two billion online websites which provide different types of website type and design which will be useful for you.

Basically, websites are of two types: Static and Dynamic website.

Static website: 

The static website is a website that contains web pages with fixed content. It is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor.  They do not require web programming and database design.  This is basically for a small website and it made large with hundreds of pages but difficult to maintain.

Dynamic website: 

The dynamic website is a website whose information keeps changing, depending upon the viewer, the time of the day, the time zone, etc. It can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting or both. It can use JavaScript or any other programming language.

Now, you have viewed many different types of websites on the internet. There are different categories of websites and have certain goals to achieve. Let’s discuss the most popular websites which you see on the internet.

E-commerce website.

If you have products and you want to sell it online then e-commerce website is for you. E-Commerce is a website where people directly buy and sell the products.     Any website that includes a shopping cart and a way to provide a credit card for purchase falls under this website. It is important to provide an SSL certificate for the website so that it can provide security to the website.

Entertainment website

The websites which are created just fun come under this category, for example, Buzzfeed. They can be humor websites, fake funny news websites, most of these websites do aim to make money like eCommerce website but via advertisements. You can make funny or informative videos, write entertaining blogs, etc.

Portfolio website

It is useful to represent yourself. It helps show your past experience. This website is mostly for creative people and freelancer that are hired based on demonstrated skill.

Media website

Media websites like lallantop  etc. It is like an entertainment website but the content provided on this website is informative. They earn via advertisement, subscription models or both.

Nonprofit website

The website which collects donation comes under this category. You can also use it to promote the projects your organization tackles, encourage followers to take actions and for accepting donations. Like eCommerce, this website should also provide an SSL certificate to protect the website.

Educational Website

The websites which provide online classes or courses come under this category.  Its main goal is to provide education to its students or to sell the course.
Some educational website has advertisement like entertainment or media website.

Conclusion: It depends upon your niche you can create a website, it can be static or dynamic depending upon your requirement. The online presence will boost you and your work, plus it helps to earn income.   

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