Different types of content

Different types of content

So what is content writing? Marketing or providing information via text, scripts. It is a powerful tool for digital marketing strategies for all types of businesses. But when it comes to developing your strategy, it is difficult to decide the content you want to grow.

These are content marketing strategy:


It is the most popular type of content marketing, especially for small businesses.  It is best to increase SEO and attract more traffic. According to the survey, the website which includes a blog typically has more indexed pages than those that don’t mean sites with blogs have more chances to reach the top in the search engine.
It is also a great way to build a relationship with the customer and to inform new information. The more valuable content more valuable audience.  So work on blogging you need to search your niche and do keyword research that what audiences are searching on the search engine.


Nowadays people are more focused on video content. No matter which industry it is the best way to reach your customers/ audience. According to the survey, social video increases more sharing and creates more links. Customer prefers to watch the video about the product and want to know about it before purchasing it. Conversion from the video is high as compare to the other content.


The infographics have eye-catching visuals that are related to the topic and make it easier for the viewer to understand the information that’s presented.  If your business is more effective in infographics then use it as content strategy.

Case Studies

Case studies are basically, customers experience or customer stories that how your business help the customer or client to become successful. Business can use this to highlight special applications or uses for their services and products.
It’s very important to choose the right customer in the case of case studies. Strategically choose those customers who your products or services have benefits in a significant way. It is important to take permission from that client/customer before using their story as a case study.


It is an effective long term content that businesses can use to provide value to your customers. It should not be any random 5-10page content ad. Instead it should contain some valuable content and relatable graphics, designs, and should be focused on the targeted audience.
One thing keep in  mind that ebook should be gated, in exchange of ebook  customer should provide some type of information about themselves in exchange for ebook download.

GIFs and meme

Meme and gifs are all over the internet.  It becomes the easiest and comfortable way to present the content. It is funny, full of humor and engaging. Everyone is sharing their favorite meme, they became a sharable content.
Basically, the meme is typically featured images that go viral online, like screenshots from movies, serial, sports, events, etc along with the caption that says entertaining, insightful or relatable.
Similarly, GIF is also a fun way to communicate and resonate with the public. The animated images that can be shared on different platforms.
Business can take advantage of these by providing meme and GIF to attract the audience’s attention.
Conclusion: It depends upon your niche and the way customers can be more attracted to the business, you can use the content strategy or you can use two or more ways to attract them and grow your business and convert for the audience into a customer.   

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