Are You Planning To Start a Website? Check this Key Points

A Complete Guide to Websites & Blogging

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Creating a Blog or Website is your first step in the digital marketing process. Creating a website is like making your idea to live so while creating a website you must know two things before

Content: content is always king for your website. Choose your niche best fits for you

Design: design is always queen choose the design that’s perfectly fits for you niche.

Many people confused among them self while starting a website. Today i am guiding you some basic check lists & Tips for you. Remember one thing mostly no one will do anything for charity.While you are going to start a website you must know the basic things that Why we need a website. A website is nothing but your online presence. So making a simple website will solve your problem? the answer is 100% No. Here comes others questions to you personally

1 ) Why you need a website :

A) Promoting your Brand/ business B) To earn online

either A or B. The primary goal is to setup a website first. your work is done digitally if you are done with the website. sample tips while creating a website.

-> Do not change your plan frequently: Strictly fix to one plan. Keep on changing the mind & Plan seriously impacts you not only in terms of money, You will loose your valuable time & money. To be frank i too lost my time & money keep on changing my mind to different plans registering different websites. Every success man is failure first time. I do not want you to fail for the first time too.

-> Register a good domain name : Try to register a “.com” domain avoid free & subdomains. As my personal experience if you are really going to register your domain name, Register your website for a minimum of 3 years to 5 years. one year & two year things do not work practically. To register your website check with domain sellers like : google domains, godaddy, hostagator, bigrock, Hostinger. If you dont know what is a domain learn more about Domain name . Try to register “.com” if not register ” .net”, “.org”. Register a geo location based domain which can promote in particular countries like .in for india, for United Kingdom, .us for USA

-> Create a Website DIY : The idea will gives you a jerk to non technical guys but you need to learn some basics but not coding. Once the website name is registered, we need a live web application required Server space called Hosting

  • Website Without Hosting Plan : Make your website live without purchasing hosting also. Go to google “”. Register a “” then purchase a domain name. By default the name servers will be updated. If you already purchased a domain name for your website update the name servers using your domain seller cpanel. if you have no budget then only i prefer this blogspot for you
  • Basic Hosting Plan with html : If you are small business person nothing to sell/promote online go for static a website. Purchase a basic hosting plan. Download Html template modify it & upload to server. update your location in google maps as well. Hope your work is done
  • Good Hosting With WordPress : I strongly Recommend people who wants to promote their business & to earn online go for good hosting plans do not purchase cheap hosting plans. Do not buy hosting from unpopular sellers. Install a word press blog using the cpanel. Customize with a good premium corporate theme for Business people. Bloggers start with a free theme as you like start blogging all the best

2) How you will get revenue :

A) Increasing Sales B) Earning online

Here we need to know inter connection between the persons A & B. person A Acts as a advertiser where person B acts as publisher. To promote the business advertiser may contact the publisher simply like an newspaper advertisement. ex : To promote a new mobile – advertiser contact guardian news paper to publish their advertisement. Our blogs & sites also you can use it as publisher we can make money from advertisers. For this purpose Google providing two platforms

Google Adwords : using a google adwords tool advertisers can promote their products using search, Text/Banner & video Ads. Search ads will appear in google search, Videos ads can be displayed in you tube, Text/banner ads in publishers sites & application.

Google Adsense : It is a publisher tool. Based on our website niche the ads will be displayed. Google provide an advance intelligence will display highly relevant ads to your website. so you can improve your revenue nicely. place Ads in your website continue with your blogging you will earn a standard income monthly 100$ to 10000$ based on your traffic, content, quality work & design

If you want to learn deep knowledge you need to understand Digital marketing concepts as below Digital Marketing Concepts

If you still struggling to setup your website here to learn more About Creating websites with the help of below articles :

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