Pinterest business page- A complete guide

Getting started with Pinterest business account

The first thing you will see after logging in to your business page is the four tabs in the bottom namely; home, following, notifications, saved. As shown in the image below:

In the home section you will see what pinns are trending, what people are liking and what you will like.
This includes wallpapers, images, videos which can be saved and easily downloadable.


In the following section you will see the treading topics you can follow and the trending topics/posts. As shown in the image below:


Notification section tells the notification when someone likes your content, follows you, or shows interest in your page.As shown in the image below:


The saved section is the broad section which contains everything about your Pinterest business page.
It includes many sections namely; Overview, Boards, Pins, Followers, Following, Topics. As shown in the image below:


Pinterest users save a lot of stuff according to their needs and their likings in Pinterest, so in order to keep things organized they arrange the pins into collections called boards. Business pages have a lot of benefit as visitors who doesn’t follow your account can follow the boards separately. So boards should contain stuff about every topic.


A pin is a image/video that someone saves to Pinterest. In business page, if you upload an image/video pin/post it shows the original link of the image/video. So it can act as a linking too for the website, and can increase the website’s referral traffic.

Followers and Following

Followers section tells us the accounts/people following your business page and Following section tells us the pages that we are following.

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