How to maintain a healthy Facebook Page For your Business

Once you have created your Facebook business page. The next step that comes into practice is managing and maintaining a healthy Facebook business page.A healthy page means that is not a spam in the eyes of Facebook.You can even check whether your page is a spam or not. The image below is an example of page quality.

Facebook is very fast in determining and removing pages which breach the Facebook Community Standards.

So here are few steps to avoid getting blocked by Facebook and to maintain a healthy page for your business:
  1. Posts – Once you have created your business page, don’t just start posting in one day. Bulk posting in a single day is marked as spamming by Facebook. 
  2. Group Posting- As we all know group posting is the best way to increase engagement on the page’s post. But a lot of group posting can lead to permanent ban of your business page.
  3. Posting at the right time- Post when most of your followers are online, to increase likes and shares. Timing is Everything.
  4. Content should be short and sweet- People only read posts that are short, so your content should be short, sweet , big amd bold so that it reaches masses.
  5. Understanding- Understand the needs of your online followers, as they are your true customers and can help your page grow. Be polite with them while texting and try to be casual instead of formal to build a relation.
  6. Consistency- Being consistent while posting is very much important. Like, if you post 2-3 times in a single day and does not post for 2-3 days, then your page’s online presence will reduce, so it’s very much important to update daily, even single post a day can work.
  7. Assigning roles- A single person can not do everything, so to keep your page updated and to manage the post. So it’s better to assign different roles to different persons according to their ability. As shown in the image below.

 8. Adding proper business infoAdding a proper  business info is very crucial. Business info should be correct, and not misleading.

9. Setup a Facebook payment gateway- If you have a e-commerce business, it’s better to add a Facebook payment gateway for Facebook users, instead of redirecting them to another gateway. This not only helps in increasing customers, but also helps in increasingly the authenticity of the business.

Managing and keeping a healthy Facebook business page may seem a little difficult, but it’s actually not. Keeping a healthy Facebook page is very much important for businesses, if the page is not healthy as per the Facebook Algorithm, the page can help your business grow and increase the customer base.

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