How to create LinkedIn Business Page?

Create A LinkedIn Business Page

A LinkedIn Business Page acts as a platform to increase the awareness of your organization, brand, products or services.
To interact with members on LinkedIn as a business, you must have a LinkedIn page.

Follow these simple steps to create a business page on LinkedIn

1.) To create a business page, you must have a profile with business email-id on LinkedIn. 
2.) Click on the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage, as shown in the image below:
3.) Then click on Create A Company Page in the bottom of the work section, and then select the type of  business from the following options:
  • Small Business
  • Medium to large business
  • Showcase page
  • Educational Institute

4.) Fill out the details about your business like name, email address, description, etc. 

5.) Upload a Logo and Banner image for your LinkedIn company page to make your page stand out and easily accessible by the members. Resize your logo to the standard logo dimensions of 100*60 pixels before uploading it. And upload a logo of 50*50 pixels size that will appear in status updates in follower’s feeds. Next, create a background image, you can use free graphic photos provided by likedin or can use your images.
Important Points:
  • Required fields are marked with asterisk.
  • Very your e-mail id first to continue with the page setup.
  • Start making connections before posting anything.

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