How to create an Instagram business page?

Want to create an Instagram page for your business? 
Instagram allows users to either create a new professional account or to switch personal account to professional account.
The simple and way is to switch your personal account to professional account. This can be done only if it’s for your business and if it’s for your client’s then creating a new account is the best way.
To switch to a professional account from your personal account, go to settings and click accounts, then click on ‘Switch to Professional Account’ button. Then it will give you options on what kind of professional account you want to create. As shown in the image below:

Click on the option that fits best for you.

The next step is to select a category about your business. As shown in the image below:

Then click on next and add details about your business, your contact information, bio etc. As shown in the image below:

After successfully adding information about your business click on Next and connect your Facebook page with Instagram page.
After connecting your page, your instagram professional account is created.

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