Best tips to increase followers on Twitter business page

How to increase followers on Twitter?

Wondering how to increase followers on your Twitter business page so that your product gets on the trending topics of your niche?
Here are some best tips to help you increase followers:

#Post at the right time

Always tweet when your existing followers are using Twitter or when your potential followers are using it. Or according to the time given by many researchers and Twitter itself in its algorithm.

#Use images/videos

Start using Images/Videos on your tweets to increase visitor’s engagement as many visitors don’t have enough time to read the texts everytime.


According to me, re-tweeting is the best possible way to increase followers. So, start re-tweeting the tweets of brands of your niche to attract their followers.


Start commenting on the tweets of popular brands, to get the attention of the followers of that brand.

#Use hashtags

Hashtags play a most important role in getting your tweet featured and increasing followers. Using 3-4 relevant hashtags would definitely help you in increasing followers.

#Create an Inviting profile

Create your profile in such a manner that once a visitor checks your profile, he/she follow it instantly.
Create a welcoming profile and fill out the details in a proper manner.


These are some best methods of increasing the followers of your twitter profile.
Use these methods wisely to get instant followers.

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