10 simple steps to create a Twitter business account

Steps to create a Twitter account for business:

Creating a Twitter account for business is same as creating a twitter account for personal.
Everyone wants to have a platform to make people aware of the new products being launched or new service being added, and the best platform for this is Twitter.
Here are some simple steps to create a Twitter account:

  1. Open Twitter and click on create an account button.
  2. Then fill your business’s name and phone number/email address in the respective fields, the phone number/email address should be the business number and not your personal number. Cick Next. As shown in the image below:

3. Then check on the options as per your requirements, and click next. The options are:

4. Then verify your details and click sign up button. As shown in the image below:

5. Then add a secure password, the password should be of 6 characters or more. The password should consist of letters, number, alphabets

6. Add a profile picture that best suits your business. It can also be your business logo. The profile picture should be of size 400*400. Click on next.

7. Add a perfect bio about your business. This bio will help the visitors to know about what your business is all about. Bio acts as a deciding factor, whether the visitors will follow your page or not, so this step is very important.

8. Select your existing contacts to join you, and select your language, your interest. Inviting your existing contacts to join you is the best way to give a kickstart to your account and get almost 40-50 likes and follows the same day.

9. Add the location of your business, your website’s URL and other related information about your business

10. Now start following popular people on twitter that matches your business niche.


These are the best and simple steps to create your business account. You can also create a business account with your name and add business’s website URL.

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