How To Get AdSense Approval?

How To Get AdSense Approval?
Google has issued the eligibility criteria of getting AdSense approved.
The criteria is:

If you use Blogger, YouTube or another host partner
If you use a product like Blogger or YouTube (or another AdSense host partner), you can sign up for a hosted AdSense account. Note that to be eligible, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. When your blog or channel becomes eligible for monetization via AdSense, you can set up your AdSense account and link these products.

Before you sign up
Owning the site you want to use to participate in AdSense

To use AdSense, you must have access to the HTML source code of your site. You need to be able to place AdSense code between the <head> tags of your pages. If you sign up with a site you don’t own (e.g.,, we won’t be able to verify that you’re the site owner and we won’t activate your account.

If you use a content management system (CMS)

If you created your site with a CMS, we recommend you check you can access your site’s HTML either through the CMS itself or with a plugin or theme. Some CMSs, like Blogger, allow you to sign up for AdSense without having to place any code.

If you have a YouTube channel
If you want to monetize your YouTube video 
content, please apply for the YouTube Partner Program. If your YouTube channel is already eligible for monetization, follow the instructions in your YouTube account to sign up for AdSense.

If you don’t have a site
If you don’t own a site, or your existing site isn’t compatible with JavaScript, feel free to sign up when you’ve created your new site. Learn how to make sure your site’s pages are ready for AdSense.

Before you sign up
Age requirement for an AdSense account
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You can now check personalized account information on the new “My AdSense page”
Before you sign up
Age requirement for an AdSense account
As stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions, publishers must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the AdSense Program.

If you’re under 18 years old
If you are not yet 18, you may have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved, we will make all payments to the adult responsible for the site.
To get Google AdSense approved, you must need to have :

# About Section
# Privacy Policy Page
# A SSL Certificate
# Updated and Quality Content

These terms and conditions  are given by Google
You can check more from there site.

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