What is SEO ? Why We Need It ?

What is SEO ? Why We Need It?
SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is nothing but set of rules or techniques to get the traffic to our website from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc and other sources. Yes, we can bring traffic to our websites from search engines for free of cost. Out of all, Search Engine traffic are reliable and genuine. After creation of website we need to index it to the search engines to see our website in that particular search engine results. We can index a website to any number of search engines. After indexing, the search engines bots & spiders start crawling the website in some period of time. Then depending on certain seo ranking factors our website starts to appear in different positions (Here positions are nothing but different rankings of our website in search engines. Usually, rank #1 website appears top on search engines).
Almost every website’s ultimate goal is to reach maximum number of audience to get more business. For that our website needs to stay in search engines first page. Almost 93% of traffic comes from first page of search engines (Here traffic is nothing but no.of visits to our website). Only 7% users move to next pages, because search engines contains powerful algorithms which displays related websites (contains targeted information) to the user query. If user wants to search for  7 wonders of the world, then he inputs it in the search engines search box. After that search engine searches in its database and displays top ranking websites which contains quality information about 7 wonders of the world. We can also get traffic from other sources through backlinks. That will also achieve by seo only. So, every website needs seo in-order to get more targeted traffic for free. Ofcourse, the more targeted traffic leads to more business.
Click here to see difference between targeted traffic and normal traffic.

 Search Engine Optimization Is Not a Special Technique But It is Way Of Following the Rules and Conditions Improving Our Website’s Quality, Content And Responsibilities. So To Display Our Website Results In Top Of Search Engines Every Developer, Content Writer, Designer, People Who Is Maintaining Either a Blog Or Website Must Know The Rules & Updated Rules.

Conclusion :

Today Is Google Days So We Need To Follow The Google Rules For SEO Results. AnyHow No Need To Follow All Google Rules  ” Websites Target Google > Google Targets Users ”  Directly Target Your Users And Delivery Them The Better Results With Basic Google Rules.
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