How Website Domain Name Extension Impacts Search Engine SEO

Website Domain Name Extension
To Be Frank & To Be Straight Your “Domain Names” definitely impacts your Search Engine SEO Result, why because the domain extension clearly targets your Geo locations and your website niche. So it is recommended to Learn more about Domain Name Extension before selecting your domain name. If you are already selected and registered your domain do not worry Don’t Think Of It. The Existing Domain Also Will Help You I Never Prefer Anyone To Change Their Domain Name but you need to do more technical  In off page  Techniques of SEO is Recommended for you

Geo-Location Based Domain Names

Geo-Location Based Domain Names

Take A Look at the picture it Displays the domains that used in Particular Country/ Region. To Know in detail about the domain extensions take look on Wiki Domain Name Extensions

Niche Based Domain Names :

Domain Names Offers a Special Domains You Can Choose For Your Niche Ex : .info, .org, .biz, .gov, .edu For every domain there is a specific value and Specific Purpose

Niche Based Domain Names

We Feel That Google Is Only Search Engine But the reality Google Operates Is self with Many Search Engines Simultaneously check this pictureGoogle Domain Name Extensions

Where Is the Head For All Of These Google Internal Search Engines. In Olden Days We Need To Submit Our Website To Particular Domain Based Search Engines Separately. I Used  a Software “Internet Business Promoter” Which Submits Our Website To Nearly 180 Search Engine of Different Extensions. Now the Days Are Changed people are making their own websites according to their regional  languages. So the google giving  importance to local regional languages Now The Search Engine Giving the importance to href Language Tag

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en-us” />

Conclusion :

Choose a perfect Domain Name Extension For Your Domain. It will Automatically read by the google and displayed in search engine results according to its location. If you already registered a domain and want to promote in particular location translate the content perfectly and use the language Tag.

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