Free Digital Marketing Course Tutorial For Everyone

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Digital Marketing: 
  • Who can learn Digital Marketing Technology?
  • How Much It Cost To Learn Digital Marketing?
  • What is the Best way to learn digital marketing?
  • Digital marketing strategy planning for any business.
  • Free Organic Promotion vs. Paid digital marketing.
  • How to become a Google certified digital marketer?
  • How to become a Hub spot certified digital marketer?
  • How to become a freelancer in digital marketing?
  • How to utilize effectively?

 Building a Website or Blog Creation:

Creating a Blog or Website is your first step in the digital marketing process. Creating a website is like making your idea to live so while creating a website you must know two things before

Content: content is always king for your website. Choose your niche best fits for you

Design: design is queen choose the design that’s perfectly fitting for you niche.
Learn more About Creating websites with the help of below articles

  • Why We Need a Website for Digital Marketing?
  • Why we need hosting space?
  • What is C Panel in hosting?
  • Static vs Dynamic websites
  • What is the difference between websites & Blogs?
  •  Introduction To Blogs and Websites
  •  How to create a blog in simple steps using blogger?
  • How to Create a Website in simple steps using blogger?
  • Sample HTML templates websites and customization
  • What is CMS? Why is Word Press preferred?
  • What is e-commerce website?
  • How to use Shopify for ecommerce website?
  • How to purchase best themes for WordPress?
  • Basics of Word Press, dashboard and plugins
  • What is lead pages in website?
  • Integration of Chat Bot in websites
  • How to Create a Website in simple steps using Wordpess?
  • How to setup payment gateways in Websites?
  • Checking website speed with Google Search Insights.
  • Effective usage of Contact Us form.
  • Responsive websites usage.
  •  Introduction to Website Reporting tools
  • What is Google webmaster tools?
  •  How to track your Google traffic?
  •  What is Google Analytics?
  • Google Analytics Integration in website.
  •  How to integrate analytics track your visitors?

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is nothing but set of rules or techniques to get the traffic to our website from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. and other sources. Yes, we can bring traffic to our websites from search engines for free of cost. Out of all, Search Engine traffic is reliable and genuine. After creation of the website, we need to index it to the search engines to see our website in that particular search engine results. We can index a website to any number of search engines. Learn More about Search Engine Optimization with the below tutorials

On Page SEO:
  • What is Seo – Why we need it? - Introduction to SEO
  • What is seo Algorithms?
  • What is SEO on Page Factors? How it will Effect on your Search Engine Visibility?
  • Title, keyword and description tags.
  • Usage of breadcrumbs, customize language.
  • Using the hyper markup language.
  • Using sitemaps.
  • Using Robots.txt.
  • Effective usage of 404 error page.
  • H1 tag and hyperlinks.
  • URL architecture.
  • Using blog and advantage.
  • Using mail to, call to functions and social sharing.
  • SEO audit tools.
  • Usage of A href.
  • SEO tags for images.
  • Usage of SEM rush tool.
  • Alexa rank checking.
  • Usage of MOZ tool bar.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Google Trends.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • Reciprocal IP.
  • Using https. SSL Certificate

Off Page Optimization:
  • What is SEO Offpage Strategy?
  •  How to Create Effective Link Building to your Website?
  • Registering business in Google Maps and get verified.
  • Article Submission with keyword linking.
  • Quora website and writing good articles.
  • Profile creation and giving our website reference.
  • Forum discussion and promoting website.
  • Do follow and No follow links.
  • Link building with good DA websites.
  • Directory submission.
  • Paid directory submission. (Paid method)
  • Search engine submission.
  • Document submission and linking.
  • Using Canva tool to design brochures.
  • Using hyperlinks in Documents and Brochures.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Avoiding spam and adult content linking.
Social Media Optimization:
  • Promoting in Facebook and Facebook templates.
  • Promoting in Instagram.
  • Promoting in Twitter.
  • Promoting in LinkedIn.
  • Using effective tools to maintain multiple social media accounts.
  • Pinterest.
Google AdSense - Make money online :
  • How to Make Money Genuinely From Online without investment
  • What is a Google AdSense Account?
  • How you can earn from Google AdSense?
  • Get an Approved AdSense Account For Your Website Generate Revenue?
  • Create YouTube Channel With Your Own Videos & Get Revenue With AdSense?
  • Create viral videos on YouTube Get More Revenue?
  • If You Already Have Any Mobile App Get Revenue with Ad mob?
  • Customizing Google Ads in website.
  • Become an Affiliate Get Commission Offered by Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Email Marketing:
  • Maintaining email database.
  • Creating email templates.
  • Mail chimp tool.
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Drip email marketing.
  • Email marketing using pixel code.
  • Automation and Algorithm.
  • Analyzing the Analytics.
  • Email life cycle.
Digital Media Advertising & Online Paid Promotions :
  •  Introduction to Online Advertising & Online Marketing?
  •  How to Promote Your Business using Advertising?
  •  How to generate leads? How Many Types of Advertising Methods? Which Ad type Best fits for your business?
  •  How to make Email Marketing to Reach Clients Inbox? 
  • What is Content Marketing?
  •  Why We Need Classification of Content?
  • What is SMS marketing?
  • How to Create Corporate SMS text?
  • Create a viral marketing Boost You Website Traffic?
  • PPC Ads, Call extensions, Location extensions (Ad Words).
  • Effective ways of writing PPC Ads.
  • Become a Google search certified.
  • Display Ads, Responsive Ads, Text Ads.
  • E-commerce Ads
  • Usage of user cookies sharing with Ads.
  • YouTube Advertising.
  • LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Twitter Advertising.
  • Snapchat Advertising.
  • Tiktok Advertising.
  • Content Advertising.
  • Viral Advertising.
  • Affiliate Advertising.
  • How to get Google AdSense approved.
  • Maintain a good content in website.
  • Maintain a good content in website.
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics Tools
  •  App Store Optimization
  •  Mobile Marketing
  • Apps Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing

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