A Complete Guide to Websites & Blogging

Building a Website or Blog Creation:

Creating a Blog or Website is your first step in the digital marketing process. Creating a website is like making your idea to live so while creating a website you must know two things before

Content: content is always king for your website. Choose your niche best fits for you

Design: design is queen choose the design that’s perfectly fitting for you niche.
Learn more About Creating websites with the help of below articles

  • Why We Need a Website ? (business services, products, to earn online)
  • How many types of websites (static, Dynamic web apps, blogs, Google & iphone apps
  • Top 20 best HTML template providers (10 Free, 10 Paid)
  • Different types of content ( Pharma, Sports, Entertainment, News, Tech)
  • Introduction to Sub Domains & Sub Domain Providers 
  •  Basics of Google blogger? (create, custom domain name, theme, Posts, Pages)
  • What is CMS? Why is WordPress preferred?
  • Basics of Word Press Blogger (Installation, themes, back up)
  • How to purchase best themes for your WordPress blog? (theme forest)
  • Basics of Tumblr Blogger
  • What is e-commerce website?
  • How to use Shopify for your ecommerce website?
  • What is lead pages in website? How to customize
  • How to Integration Chat Bot in your website
  • How to setup payment gateways in Websites?
  • Checking website speed with Google Page Insights.
  • Effective usage of Contact Us form.
  • Responsive websites usage.
  • Introduction to Google webmaster tools? (setup, reports, site maps, Keywords tracking)
  • Basics of Google Analytics? (integration, setting goals,Tracking visitors & Tracking goals)

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