Organic Vs Paid Digital marketing, which one to choose from

Organic Digital Marketing VS Paid Digital Marketing
Digital marketing helps in getting website traffic and increase sales/leads/conversions.
Getting leads from different sources like social media sharing, referrals, website direct traffic, etc includes two things, those are, organic digital marketing and paid digital marketing.
So let us first start with organic digital marketing.
Organic Digital Marketing
Organic digital marketing means increasing website traffic and getting leads/conversions free of cost.
Which means that a marketer does not have to spend money to get traffic directed to his/her site and to get sales.
Its totally dependent on the demand visitors and the marketing strategy.
Some organic digital marketing tools are:
SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization refers to increasing the website’s traffic by applying the right keyword strategy and publishing new content as per Google Algorithm.
SMO also known as Social Media Optimization refers to increasing the social media reach of a website organically.
Both SEO and SMO are parts of organic digital marketing.
Paid Digital Marketing
Paid marketing means spending huge amount of direct costs to get traffic on your website or to increase sales/leads/conversions.
Paid digital marketing includes:
  1. PPC- Pay Per Click
PPC refers to the amount charged when a single visitor clicks on your given link. In PPC your website is displayed as an advertisement.
  1. SMM- Social Media Marketing
In SMM a marketers display social media advertisement to increase the social media reach.
What to Choose?
Organic Digital Marketing or Paid Digital Marketing?
When deciding between organic or paid digital marketing, you need to keep a balance between them.
If you think that the product/service you are offering is reaching mass audience without any paid advertising, but with regular updates posts and effective SEO and SMO, then you can continue with organic digital marketing. But if your website is unable to get visitors on a daily basis, and it’s been a long time you are doing SEO, then paid digital marketing is adviced.
Whenever you start a new website/business, always start with organic digital marketing rather than the paid one to get to know who are your potential customers/visitors.
If you will do paid advertising in the starting, then though you may get traffic, but you won’t be able to get to know who your real customers are. That’s why it is adviced to keep a balance between organic digital marketing and paid digital marketing.
Organic digital marketing vs Paid digital marketing is a topic which is vast, so we have tried to cover everything in this one article, so that you can make a better choice.
Depending wholly on organic is not good and similarly depending fully on paid is very dangerous. As it may cost you thousands of money. So it is adviced to choose wisely and keep a balance between the two.

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