Pixel Code for Email Marketing

Email Marketing using Pixel Code
Pixel code is a HTML code that helps in tracking the emails sent to visitors.
Email marketing using pixel code tells whether the person to whom the email was sent has opened the email or not. It is also useful in getting to know the consumer behavior.
What is a Pixel Code?
A pixel code is a small one liner code that activates when a user opens or reads an email. This code is too small, that it is hardly seen by visitors.
These codes are designed in a transparent way or the same as the background image.
The tracking pixel URL is the memory location on the server. When the user visits a website, the image with the tag is loaded from this server. Optical properties such as visibility, or a very small size are defined using the style attribute.
Inserting a Pixel Code
 Installation of a tracking pixel differs depending on the type of the system used. Sometimes this can be done via the content management system used, sometimes the pixel must be implemented directly in the source code of the e-mail or website.
Usually, the web analysis tools that require the implementation of the pixel, such as Facebook or Google Analytics, offer extensive implementation instructions.
Measures taken by the users
There are many ways through which users can prevent their data being collected by tracking pixels. These are:
  • Turn on the browser settings privacy so that no third party codes/apps are allowed to collect data.
  • Use third party apps that allow you to see the pixel code.
Importance of Pixel code for Digital Marketing
Tracking pixels generally have similar functionalities as cookies. The tracks of the user are recorded by a file that is saved in the user’s hard drive. However, more and more users are nowadays taking up measures to block cookies using the browser functions. Cookies therefore often provide incomplete data, and their use is at times blocked completely.
The tracking pixel can be used as an alternative to the cookie as its use cannot be blocked by a normal browser. Even so, several browser extensions, plugins, and programs that enable blocking of tracking pixels and hence prevent a log file analysis exist. Tracking methods such as Canvas Fingerprinting, Event Tracking, or different hybrid methods are also being used increasingly and as with all tracking models, comprehensive changes to the websites are necessary – e.g., in data protection. In addition, user consent to allow the tracking with pixels must be obtained.(source- en.ryte.com)
Email marketing using pixel code increases personalization, as through the data collected by pixel code about the user behavior, the email marketers can target and segment their user base to increase the conversions.
Pixel code should be used in email marketing to get to know about the user behavior so the you can target only those users who are actually interested in your content/emails, to increase conversions.

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