4 best email marketing tools for small businesses in 2020

Email Marketing Tools for 2020
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Email marketing is one of the best way to increase your conversion level. Though emails these days are outdated and some of the marketers don’t use emails for getting leads, but it is one of the best way to get conversions if used properly.
To use email marketing tools properly, we are giving you a list of some of the best email marketing tools, by the help of which you can easily use email marketing for getting leads.
  1. MailChimp:
MailChimp is a one to all email marketing system, which provides marketers to send emails, track emails, and analyse the email marketing strategy.
MailChimp tool helps email marketers to successfully send emails. It can support all kimds of businesses whether small or large.
Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing services for small businesses.
You can create, re-create, integrated email campaigns.
Marketers can track data and can also segment the audience.
It’s basic plan starts from $9.99 a month and for further prices you can check their website.
  1. Hunter:
(Source: hunter.io)
Hunter is an email marketing service that helps you send bulk emails to the right people by helping you find their IDs. It finds the email IDs you need within seconds.
It’s search feature can help you find the email IDs of all of the people working for a specific organization. You can efficiently index the email addresses. Their email verifier helps you check the deliverability of email addresses.
Hunter is the best email marketing service for those who find it difficult to fetch email addresses.
You can easily find email IDs. You just have to write the website address in the search field and you will get all the emails related to that website. This is a common challenge faced by many businesses and that’s why it’s one of the best marketing tools for small businesses too.
Hunter’s premium plan starts from $33.3, but it also offers you a free plan in which you can get 100 searches per month.
  1. SendInBlue:
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SendInBlue is an email marketing platform which helps you to run email marketing campaigns successfully.
It helps you to create professional quality newsletters by just dragging and dropping and with a few clicks.
It’s premium plan starts from $65.99 a month. But it also offers a free plan in which you can send upto 300 emails per day.
  1. Cakemail:
(Source: Cakemail.com)
Cakemail helps you in segmenting your email contact list like segregating, creating groups etc.
Cakemail provides a simple platform for small businesses to customize themes, fonts and colours with just a few clicks.
It’s premium plan starts from $8 a month and it even provides a free trial with no credit card requirement.

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