How to become a Google Certified Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketing Certifications by Google Google certifications provide you with relevant insights into the digital marketing. You are trained through video and written lectures about the digital marketing techniques and how to to perform with target projects. There are many Google certificates provided by Google. Some are free while others are paid.  These Google certified … Read more

Best way to learn Digital Marketing

What is the best way to learn Digital Marketing? (Source- Digital marketing is not only for the job seekers, but it is equally important for the entrepreneurs as well. As we know modern marketing is all about marketing digitally. So to increase your skills for job or to increase your business, you definitely need … Read more

Who can learn digital marketing?

Who can learn Digital Marketing course? And how much does it cost to learn digital marketing? Digital marketing is the only course that is made for everyone. It requires no previous experience/ eligibility criterion, etc.  It’s just your dedication that’s important to learn digital marketing course. A person can even start a digital marketing course … Read more

What is digital marketing? An introduction to digital marketing

What is Digital marketing? An introduction to digital marketing Digital marketing is an online marketing place for showcasing your products and services through various digital media to reach a larger audience. With amazing speed and ease, digital marketing media can transform searchers into fixed customers. Actually, Digital marketing is a collective term for multiple marketing … Read more