Why people so mad about Onsite job. Is it every one dream

Every software engineer dream job to get an onsite position. Why people really like onsite position. Indian mindsets believe getting an opportunity will improve their identity to next level. If we go in detail in the aspects

1. Money : a basic need everyone can image. Working for 3 months in onsite will almost get annual salary. So 10 years of software life is equals to 30 months onsite

2. Luxury. It is not easy to stay luxury. One of my friend she went to honeymoon for 3 days it costs 3 lakh. A software associate annual salary of 365 days. So we can earn and enjoy luxury

3. Client interaction: it was great experience to work with clients directly to understand their requirements as well their when we meet them directly. A professional touch.

I never received an onsite offer. This is my dream to. Seo icon alias Seoicon.net waiting for your response feel free to comment

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