Who can learn digital marketing?

Who can learn Digital Marketing course? And how much does it cost to learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the only course that is made for everyone. It requires no previous experience/ eligibility criterion, etc. 
It’s just your dedication that’s important to learn digital marketing course.
A person can even start a digital marketing course just after his/her high school.

Cost to learn digital marketing course

Digital marketing course comes in different modules and every course teaches you different modules like SEO, SEM, SMO, etc.
But there are some course providers that gives you full digital marketing course including all modules.

Cost to learn digital marketing varies from INR 30,000- 50,000.
But there are many free online courses that you can start, if according to you the amount is higher.
Some of the free online courses, that provides certifications are:
Google academy for ads, Google Analytics academy, Hubspot academy.
These courses come in free form and contain certificates. 
You can get a brief knowledge of the digital marketing modules.

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