Biggest Mistakes Blogger will Do While Blogging

Always be a smart blogger to avoid these mistakes. There is a lot of Blogging mistakes we will do while learning to blogging

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  1. No Copy Paste in Blogging: Copy-pasting the content/images from other websites will penalize our website so we are not supposed to do copy-paste any content/images because the image URL collected from another website also will be placed in our website. To avoid this download the good images (no copyright images) from google and then upload it into your website. For best content visit the top 10 websites gain the knowledge to start with your own presentation. “At any cost when you do a Copy paste job, one day our website will be penalized “.
  2. Avoid Cheap/ Free Hosting for Blogging: Never use cheap or free hosting. If you use cheap hosting if the website visitors are increased your hosting account may suspend.
  3. Sharing our Vision: Revealing our website idea to others, chances will be there you are making your competitors. Tips: don’t reveal your secret when you met a person first time until he is trustworthy to you.
  4. cheating: Trusting others and revealing your blogging secrets may impact you. Don’t reveal your secrets for others. Help others but do not trust others and grant access to your site. People initially will act so smart and genuine but really they are not Tip: Don’t trust others blindly don’t get cheated.
  5. Unprofessional s: Don’t hire unprofessional content writers/ developers who are in touch online. For time being they will do good later will do copy-pasted jobs & bad jobs for you. Tip: Hire from up work/freelancer websites.
  6. Nulled Theme: Do not use a paid theme which is available in the free pirated/nulled version. One day your site may crash/Hack, so be smart & take a wide decision
  7. Time is Money: Do not waste your time by speaking hours to others to do some work in your blog. In the same time, we can do miracles with the help of Google. Tip: our Time is Money.
  8. Black Hat Seo: Do not use the target keyword more than 5 times. The target keyword will be used 3 times per 1000 words

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