How to become a hubspot certified digital marketer?

How to become a Hubspot Certified Digital Marketer?

Hubspot offers you with many industry recognized certificates, some free or some paid to enhance your digital marketing knowledge.
Obtaining all the certificates provided by hubspot after completing all the video lectures will make you a Hubspot certified digital marketer.

Hubspot academy provides the video lecture lessons to clear the examination to obtain certificates.

What is Hubspot Academy?

Hubspot academy is the worldwide leader in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service education. The video lectures can be viewed from anywhere around the world, and can be saved for later reference.
From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills.

Certificates provided by Hubspot for Digital Marketers are:
  1. Email Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media

To begin with the lessons and getting certifications you first need to sign up with the hubspot academy with your email id or gmail id.

#1.) Email Marketing

This email marketing course will teach you how to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career. From contact management and segmentation to email deliverability and analyzing your email sends, you’ll learn how to build an email marketing strategy that is human and helpful and builds trust with your contacts. At the end of this course, apply what you’ve learned with the email marketing tools that come free in your account.

     Course Content

This course contains 10 video lectures totalling about 5 hours and then quiz after every lesson
And then a 1 hour exam.
To get the certificate you need to clear the examination.

#2.) Content marketing


In this lesson you will learn about how to write a content and how to do content marketing.
The course is about 8 hours long and contains a quiz after each lesson to test your knowledge.
If you complete all the lessons then there is an exam of 1 hour which you need to pass to obtain the certificate.

#3.) Social Media

The Social Media Certification will help you shape the conversation around your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. Building an effective social media strategy will expand all of your other inbound marketing efforts as well as build brand awareness, drive word of mouth, and attract buyers. In other words, social media is the ultimate way to do inbound marketing. Invest in your business’ growth and your career by learning how to: build an effective social media strategy, set up social listening and moderation, create social content, extend your reach, excel in digital advertising, measure ROI, and more.

In this course you will get 10 lessons which would be around 8 hours long in total and after each lesson you will get quizzes.
After completing the lessons, you need to pass a 1 hour examination to get the certificate.


Hubspot provides many certificates, but for becoming a hubspot certifies digital marketer, you need to obtain minimum of these certificates.
For more certificate details  you can visit ( their website.

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