Best way to learn Digital Marketing

What is the best way to learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not only for the job seekers, but it is equally important for the entrepreneurs as well. As we know modern marketing is all about marketing digitally.
So to increase your skills for job or to increase your business, you definitely need to learn Digital Marketing.
But the question is what is the best way to learn digital marketing?
Digital marketing is a vast course and there are a lot of tutorials/coaching centers that teach you digital marketing.
Learning digital marketing from coaching institutes involves a lot of money (around-80,000).

For Job Seekers:

For job seekers, it is important for them to not only get knowledge about digital marketing, but also to get certifications. Though there are many free certificates provided by google, hubspot, etc. But that’s not enough to get a high paying job.
So it is essential for them to take a digital marketing coaching either online(video lectures) or offline.

Some of the best digital marketing institutes are:

  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)
  2. Digital Academy India
  3. Digital Vidya
  4. Skill Circle

And many more

An approximate cost of the course is around 80,000, though there are  many other institutes that provide digital marketing course at cheeper rate. So you are advised  to check the curriculum wisely and choose the best alternatives.
Never ever go for Google reviews of these institutes, as these can easily be manipulated.
Go only for those that provide you with best knowledge and industry recognized certificates.

For Entrepreneurs:

As we know entrepreneurs are those who are independent and create their own business to earn money. So learning digital marketing for them is just to get knowledge about marketing and nothing else.
They are not concerned with the certifications etc.
So best way to provide them digital marketing knowledge is free online tutorials.
There are many free online tutorials for SEO, SMM, Google Adsense, Freelancing, Advertising, etc.
Some of these free online tutorials are:

  1. Guru99
  2. Udemy
  3. Tutorials point

And many more.
You can check from these tutorials to get the best knowledge about digital marketing.


These are the best ways to learn digital marketing.

For job seekers- coaching centres( That will cost around 80,000, and some others that will cost you around 40,000)
For entrepreneurs- Offline free tutorials for knowledge purpose.

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