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Seo icon provides free digital marketing course for everyone. You can learn everything about digital marketing through our articles. The articles are written keeping in mind the understanding of the modules. Seo icon has covered every possible topic in its course. The modules that we provide are:

All these modules are explained step by step starting from basic to advance.

Seo icon website and course is made free for all and anyone can access it from anywhere, there is no eligibility criteria for learning digital marketing course from our website. For this online free course you just need to have an internet connection and a basic knowledge of computer.
We have explained everything about digital marketing, starting from website creation.

The basic objective of our course is to impart the digital marketing knowledge to everyone, even if someone is unable to purchase high priced coaching classes.

Top SEO Icons

While site improvement (SEO) isn't a dynamic idea, it isn't actually simple to delineate outwardly either. That may clarify why such huge numbers of organizations battling for SEO customer contracts are attempting to disentangle the manner in which they clarify what they do by method for imagery. All things considered, savvy organizations utilize simple to perceive text styles and straightforward illustrations and symbols for improved marking

1. The Jagged Arrow 
Regardless of whether it's going up or down, the pervasive rugged bolt is there to tell you that this SEO organization implies business. The bolt going up speaks to anything you need – as long as it relates decidedly with income. Its upward direction as far as anyone knows sends the message that the cash this organization can make you is high and limitless, or so the image infers. On the off event where the bolt is on a descending pattern, it implies you will eliminate anything terrible in your systematic sat around idly, poor creation yield, and (clearly) declining web traffic. Right. Extra focuses are granted whenever said bolt is adapted with a 3-d impact, bends up easily instead of roughly, or strait at the tail to make it seem as though it'll be moving… until the end of time. 

2. The Magnifying Glass 
Move over Mr. Holmes, genuine experts are looking into the issue. Maybe nothing shouts SEO more than an amplifying glass on an inquiry showcasing organization's site. This reliable investigator's device is intended to pass on the message to juvenile entrepreneurs that by employing this organization, their site makes certain to be amplified in query items. Sprinter up to the amplifying glass is the "individual glancing through a telescope." 

3. The Meaningless Diagram 
Very numerous SEOs attempt to make it look as if they are innovative by thinking of some excessively confounded graph about how SEO functions. Mishandling dreadfully numerous bolts, roundabout cells, rectangular boxes, tangled association lines, and pyramids that truly don't bode well to any individual who really recognizes what they're doing. The Rube Goldberg chart is far and away more terrible than different images since they as often as possible focus on things that aren't generally significant, or are out of grouping. 

There is little in the method for SEO imagery that is more recoil commendable than that trivial graph. 

4. The Multi-sized Keyword Cloud 
This is the thing that happens when you cross a WordPress label cloud with a stock photograph site artist hoping to concretize an idea. With various words in bigger text styles (like SEO, Rank, and so on.), you are "certain" to stand out enough to be noticed! 

5. The 3-D Rendered Character 
Regardless of whether they are the little round white and dim characters or the tall level fronted blue or yellow ones with a pinch of profundity to them, they generally appear to do some movement or pausing dramatically that demonstrates how SEO will by one way or another assurance that you bring in cash. Three dimensional theoretical human figures, often without outward appearances simply don't cut it any longer.

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