How does Domain Name and Domain Name extension affect SEO?

How does Domain Name and Domain Name extension affect SEO?

Domain names really affect the ranking of your website. A keyword and brand targeted domain name is preferred for any of the business.
There are two types of domain names, namely:

  1. TLD's -  Top Level Domain is the main domain name around the web.  The main TLDs that rank well globally are: .com, .org, .net

  1. SLD's - Second Level domain is the domain name that we usually purchase at Godaddy or Namecheap.

How to choose a domain name?

# Target Keywords 

Always try to create a domain name that contains a keyword that you want to target. This helps   a lot and gives an advantage to the SEO.

# Branded Keywords

If you have a brand, but no fixed keywords to target, add your brand name in the domain name.

# Short and precise

The domain name should be short, precise and easy to read. So that the visitors are able to remember it. It should contain 2-3 words and not more than that.

Domain Name affects the SEO of the website and if the right domain name is chosen, it helps in ranking your website on the first page in the SERP's. 
So choose your domain name wisely and try to include the points told above.

Domain Name Extension

Domain name extension comes after the domain name. Some of the domain name extensions are- .com, .gov, .in, .uk, etc.

Domain name extension does not directly affect your website's SEO.
But there are some factors which should be kept in mind to avoy indirect affect on the website ranking by the domain name extension.
These are:

# Target Location

If you are looking to target a single country then it is preferred to use that country's domain name extension. This has a direct impact on the SEO of the website. For example if you want to target India, you can use .in as a domain name extension, or if you want to target UK, then you can use extension.

# Choose according to your niche

You can choose domain name extensions according to your website's niche. Like for example, if your website is providing information, the  you can use .info extension.


Choose a perfect Domain Name Extension For Your Domain. It will Automatically read by the google and displayed in search engine results according to its location. If you already registered a domain and want to promote in particular location translate the content perfectly and use the language Tag.

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