Getting started with YouTube- A definitive guide

Getting started with YouTube

Unlike other social media platforms, you can't post images/texts on YouTube. Its either audio or video.
Youtube is the largest video platform used by businesses to showcase their skills, to do comedy and even to share knowledge. YouTube has over 30 million daily users according to some studies.
Making money through YouTube may seem difficult, but it's actually not. 
Wondering how to get started with your own YouTube platform? 
In this article, we will tell you how to set up your own YouTube platform
Here are the steps:

  1. Getting started with your own YouTube channel is most easy. First you just need to login on YouTube with your Google account.

  1. Then click on your profile image at the top right corner, and then click on channel. As shown in the image below:

  1. After clicking on Your channel button, you will be directed to your created playlists, liked videos, subscribers, etc.

  1. Boom! Your YouTube channel is created

Youtube provides us with the YouTube themes and background to make your channel stand out and work really well.
To get the YouTube background
The first thing you need to do is maximize the browser screen and take a screenshot of that screen, then paste that in a photo editing app like Photoshop. Then edit that screenshot according to your ideas and save it. 
This is your YouTube background image and will act as a starting template.
YouTube background  and theme is very much important as it helps the visitors in acknowledging what your channel is about, by just looking at the channel theme.
You can also download themes and background for your YouTube channel from various sites. Some are:

And many more.

Now we will tell you somw basic things, that you will come across while posting your first video.

# Title

Just like doing the SEO of the website, we need to optimize the title of the website. We need to optimize the title of the YouTube channel as well. The title length of the YouTube channel should be of 60 characters which should contain the main keywords of what your video is all about.

# Description

The first 2-3 lines of the description should be of 100 characters that should comprise of what all your video contains. Unlike website, description of YouTube can be long. It can include social media links, CTA's, etc.

# Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are the main images viewers see when scrolling through a list of video results. According to researchers, a good thumbnail increases the chance of getting video clicks by 90%.

# Watch time

The watch time refers to the number of minutes your video has been watched by overall viewers.

# Subscribers

Subscribers refers to the number of people who liked your overall content and click on the red button named Subscribe.

# Changing YouTube Channel name

You should change and make your YouTube channel name according to your business niche, or any other name unlike your own name. The name should be easy to read amd easy to adapt. So that once a person views your YouTube channel remembers your name.

# YouTube URL

Your YouTube URL should be optimized properly to get visitors from other social media channels.
You can easily modify your YouTube URL from a lengthy one to a shorter and precise one.


This article was for you to get started with your own YouTube platform and earn money.
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