Seo Meta Tags – Title, Description, Keywords

Seo Meta Tags

In general, Meta data refers to data about data. In the same way, <meta> tags use to provide information about html document. The meta tags doesn’t contain closing tags, since these are empty elements. But, attributes of this tags contain information which doesn’t display on webpages. These information are machine parsable. By using these information search engines can understand, What the page is about? and What it contains? So, meta tags don’t show their impact on physical appearance of webpages.

We can add any number of meta tags to our web pages depending on our requirement. Even if you not give any meta tags to a web page, it will work properly. But search engines can’t understand what that page is about? So, we may loose some valuable traffic from search engine results page (SERP). Not only for search engines purpose, for to perform some additional functionalities by the browser and for some other services we need <meta> tags. It is a better habit to add meta tags for every html page.

In html document, we can place meta tags inside <head> </head> tags. These tags typically contains following attributes.

Attribute Value Purpose
name keywords
application-name Use to specify name of Meta Data
content text Use to give the value for name attributes or http-equiv
http-equiv refresh
default-style Use to provide an http header for associated information of content attribute
charset character_set Use to specify the character encoding for html page
scheme format/URI Use to specify a scheme which used to interpret the values of content attribute.
(Not works in HTML5)
Note: A new feature viewport, added in HTML5; which gives control to the web-designers over viewport (user’s visible area on devices) through meta tags.

The viewport is nothing but user’s visible area of a document on various devices. Every device contains certain size of viewport. It is smaller on smart phones and larger on desktop screens.

We should add viewport <meta> element in our all webpages to make those responsive. It should be like as below.

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>

subbu write here in detail about – title, url, keywords and description tag in detail with letter count and semi capitalization

Title tag :
Generally,all websites contains many pages or lot of information .if you write a document, there must have a page title for it.This title tag appears on the top of your webpage.In Seo point of view title tag is very important.Because when a user a for something in search engine page like google, Title tag (name of your document in a website) comes first .So in SERP(Search Engine Result Page) this Title tag ,with blue color underlined text is visible to the users or netizens.

-Mainly use keywords in the title tag which is necessary.
-Try to place important keywords earlier.
-Different titles for different pages.

Mostly google displays first 50-60 characters of your title.So better not cross the limit.At same time there won’t be harm,but that’s where the user can read title of the page.If you cross the number ,google displays dots in the title page from the limited number.So better to keep it mind these few points before you keep title for your page.
It’s all about ,what users are searching, Let’s say users want check mobile prices online, Below you can see it

Title tag sample

On the above image, blue colored characters with red underlined line is your title tag of the page. This is how it appears in a search engine page.This is called snippet.Going further you’ll know more about snippets.

Url structure:
Search engine crawls your website,it will look on URL Structure. If it find confusing in url format page in your site , surely it will finish crawling with few page indexing. To overcome this, be clear with, which of your website page should crawler visit first. Another point is, good to have site map to your website. So that search engine gets the clear idea of categories in your site .

In web developer point of view, is normal page with some content.

Same page in seo perspective it supposed to be in below mentioned way,

Where above url clearly saying that home work related to maths subject. It’s just a sample example.Significance of above example is web developers and  seo staff mutually  coordinate each other till website  get user  friendly design or look. So the look and feel of website is very important. In any case your cms is generating meaningless url to your products, try to make them meaningful  so better to write them again.

Instead of writing ,,

Rewrite it as    ,

which is more meaningful and easy to understand user or for search engine.

If you have any duplicate urls in your site, use a Robot.txt file. You can make hide your duplicate urls in Robot.txt file

Keywords are connected to your web content. Yes true. You need to have an idea about  what kind products they are searching in search engine page, and  what are the phrases they used to search a particular item,if can get the grip on these things, you’ll easily get idea of working on if your keywords are matched with user search engine phrases, your site will get good traffic sooner,and ranking will also increase.

There are twotypes of keywords are there.Those are

1)Short tail keyword

2) Long tail keyword

Short tail keywords are from 1-3 keywords. Example: Play games online, seo tutorial online, promote business consultants ..etc.

Long tail keywords will give us a clear idea about product or any information which means clear specific search online.

ex: learn seo tools  online, learn digital marketing course online …etc

Though the user comes through search engine page to your site,( because the reason of your  keywords)your site should be well equipped with good content. Otherwise users will come and  go if they could not found what they search for.So the impact will be on bounce rate .

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