Overview of Email Marketing

The term Email Marketing refers to sending emails with the aim of improving a merchant’s relationship with current customers or the previous ones. It also aims to repeat business, building new customers.

Importance of Email Marketing:

·         An individual has got only three options on receiving emails either read it or delete it or spam it, and the receiver has to take action. 
·         Another important point is that it is cheaper in comparison to other means of marketing. 

There are two basic things for email marketing. First is the email list, and the other is a lead magnet or email list opt. 

An email list is the list of people who have actually come up to your website and have signed up and have voluntarily agreed to listen to you. This does not include the list of emails one has purchased.

Lead Magnet includes all those things or actions that display on your website to lure your website visitors to join your email list. Lead Magnet can be in any form, be it PDF, videos, e-books, and so on. 

So the question arises how email marketing will increase your business?

By using email marketing, you are going to increase the sales of your business. You can also increase your repeat customers by emailing them the complementary products or discounts on products they have browsed on. Make the person feel special or welcomed by sending them a welcome mail as soon as he/she signs up or by sending a personalized birthday wish with some discount on a product as their gift. 

Types of emails marketing:

Broadly types of email marketing can be classified into engagement mail and transactional mail.

·         Engagement emails include welcome mail, tutorial videos, brand story, customer story. The aim of these types of mails is not a sale; rather, it is to build a web of connections with its customers. 
·         Transactional mail as the name suggests is related to the sale of the product that is, the aim of these types of mails is the direct sale of the product. It includes recipient email, sales follow-ups, review requests, cart abandonment reminders, and so on. 

Email marketing tools:

These are tools used to create, optimize, report, test and send the email. A good tool should be able to create an engaging newsletter or any other kind of mail and should be able to send bulk emails without much effort. Constant Contact, Drip, SendinBlue, ConvertKit, AWeber are some of the effective email marketing tools.

Topics Related to Email Marketing:
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·         Creating the Email Templates
·         Mail Chimp Tool
·         Drip Email Marketing 
·         Email Marketing using Pixel code
·         Automation and Algorithm
·         Analyzing the Analytics
·         Email Life Cycle

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