How to post on LinkedIn and how to increase followers

Tips to post in LinkedIn Page and increase engagement

Though many businesses still depend on Facebook or Instagram for increasing customers, LinkedIn too plays a great role in getting loyal customers and is the fastest growing social network with upto 500 million visitors.

Tips to posting:

# Post informative images and Videos
Many people don't read long texts and just check the images and video, so posting informative images and videos can help in increasing engagement.

# Use emojis in texts
Many visitors develop a thought that if the posts contain emojis, it is worth reading, so using emojis in texts can increase engagement.

# Post at the best time
Many researchers and LinkedIn too have provided the best time to post. The best time is to post between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Now the next big question that comes into every business man's mind is how to increase LinkedIn Business Page followers and likes.
  • Add a follow button to your LinkedIn business page.
  • Ask your employees, friends, colleagues to follow your business page.
  • Join LinkedIn groups and post in those groups and make connections with the people in your niche.
  • Include images and videos along with your posts.
  • Add a  LinkedIn button on your website
  • Start engaging with your existing connections first.
  • Focus on trending topics.
  • Post regularly amd post a minimum of 20 times in a month.


LinkedIn is the best media to increase the customer base of your business as there are only loyal visitors on LinkedIn.
Posting the most informative posts and at the right time can help in increasing brand awareness and in turn increasing profits of your business.

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