How to maintain a healthy LinkedIn business page?

How to maintain a healthy LinkedIn Business page?

Many companies/businesses know that LinkedIn serves the best platform to increase loyal customers. But not all of them maintain their LinkedIn pages.
Some tips to maintain a healthy LinkedIn Business Page are:

  1. Optimize your images

Your page's profile picture is the first thing that people will see when they visit your LinkedIn business page. The profile picture should be appropriate. A profile page having logo is the best. According to studies, a company page with a profile picture have 5 times chances of being viewed.
Ideal LinkedIn profile image specs:
300 x 300 pixels
PNG format
Maximum 8 MB
Square layout

  1. Fill out the 'About us' section

The about us section tells the visitors about your business, products, services, etc. A proper filled put About Us section helps in converting visitors into customers.
Some basic questions that should be answered are:
Who are you?
Where are you based?
What do you offer?
What are your values?
What is your brand voice?
How can people contact you to learn more?
As shown in below image:
  1. Post regularly

Many page admins don't post regularly and keep the page blank. This makes the page unhealthy and decreases the followers.

  1. Provide expert content

Content posted should act as an expert, so if anyone sees it, they can't deny to the services offered.

  1. Engage Your Audience

Be sure to create content that encourages commenting and sharing in order to create a conversation with your readers. Ask questions or hold contests that encourage readers to share their best story about a certain topic. Be sure to reply to people’s comments to ensure that they feel that your company cares about them.

  1. Follow LinkedIn's rules and regulations

To keep your page healthy and non spammy in the eyes of LinkedIn, keep it within the rules and regulations, and keep checking the page quality to ensure it doesn't breaches the LinkedIn rules and regulations

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