How to analyse LinkedIn Analytics

To access the LinkedIn analytics dashboard, navigate to toolbar at the top of your company page. You’ll see three options: Page, Analytics, and Activity.
Click on the Analytics Section and go to the Visitors section as shown in the image below:

Visitor Highlights

The first analytic you’ll see here is a general overview of Page views and Unique visitors over the past 30 days. Beside each number there’s a percentage showing how much that figure has increased or decreased compared to the same time last month.

Visitor Metrics

By default, this shows your past two weeks of aggregated page traffic data. All the page views from Mobile or Desktop on your profile are added up and averaged out here.

Visitor Demographics

Visitor demographics shows the aggregated demographics of the members that visited the page.
The second option is UPDATES. Click on the updates section to know the engagement metrics for your organic or sponsored updates over time. Shows aggregated metrics across all updates and metrics for individual updates. The Updates section looks like as shown in the image below:

Update Highlights
 Highlights shows the number of likes, comments shares on your updates in last 30 days.
Update Metrics
Aggregated engagement metrics for your organic and sponsored updates over time. Sponsored metrics include Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content.
Time range filter applies to dates when your updates were viewed by LinkedIn members.
Views when an update is at least 50% on screen for at least 300 ms, or when it is clicked, whichever comes first.
Engagement rate
Calculated as: (Clicks + Likes + Comments + Shares + Follows) / Impressions.


Use LinkedIn Analytics tool to view your  Company page's performance. LinkedIn is the best media to get loyal customers and to increase profits of the business. Analytics helps us in knowing the number of visitors and how they are reacting to the page.

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