How to analyse Facebook Insights- An overview.

How to analyse Facebook reports? An overview to Facebook Insights.

The most important part that comes in the Facebook business page optimization and marketing process is analysing the Facebook reports, and analysing is done by using Facebook insights section.
Steps to analyse Facebook Insights are:
  1. Click on insights within your admin panel to view the Facebook insights. The Facebook insights section looks like the image given below.
  1. Export Data- To get  a report about your business page, click on export data at top right corner of the insights page. 

The main points to keep in mind while analysing the Facebook insights are:

#Actions on page- Action on page tells the number of clicks on the contact number and CTA.

#Page views- It shows the number of page views in a week/ selected date range.
#Page previews- The number of times that people hovered over your Page name or profile picture to see a preview of your Page content.

#Page likes- The number of new people who have liked your page.

#Post reach- The number of people who had any post on their news feed.


1. The followers section of Insights tell us the total number of followers in a day/week/ selected date range.

2. You can also benchmark, to compare your average performance over time.

3. Net followers shows the number of new followers minus the number of unfollows.

4. The next thing that followers section tells is from where did the followers came.
A sample follower section is shown below:


The likes section of Insights tell us the total number of likes in a period broken down by paid, organic. The net like is the total number of likes by total number of dislikes. A sample image of like section is shown below:

Post Reach

Post reach section tells the number of people who had your Page's posts on their screen
A sample image is shown below:

These were some of the sections which are very important for any page admin to get to know how the page is performing


It is very important to regularly check your page's performance and how your post is performing and how the audience is reacting to it. Use these steps to check page's performance.

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