Facebook Auto chat feature

Fb Auto Chat Feature

Facebook has been making efforts to make it's platform better and better for the businesses, and with it's regular updates in algorithms, Facebook has released it's Messenger Auto Chat feature.
Auto chat feature responds to the messages automatically with the texts that you set up. There are options given to you while enabling the instant chat feature.
There is also a feature of away messages. This feature automatically reply to people who contact you in Messenger when your page is away. Tell them that you can't respond now and let them know when to expect a response. You can also schedule away times to automatically set your page's status to away during certain hours.

To enable this feature :

  1. Click on the settings of your business page and click on the messaging tab in the settings. As shown in the image below:
2. After clicking on the messaging tab, you will be directed to a page of selecting the instant messaging and away messaging. 
Click on both the options as shown in the image below:
3. You can also edit your Instant Reply according to your needs and your business niche. Just click on the Edit your Instant Reply button and write your reply and click Save as shown in the image below:
4. You can also edit your away message. Just click on Edit your away message button and edit it according to your needs. As shown in the image below:


It is very important to use the Auto chat feature by Facebook as it not only increases the visitor's interest in texting, but also shown in the about details of your page as the Response time taken by the page admin.

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