10 tips for twitter page optimization

Twitter Business Page Optimization- A Complete Guide

Twitter is one of the most used social media platform by all the generations, be it young teens, adults or old. Everyone uses twitter to see what's new or what's the latest news about the brands/businesses and what are the new brands coming up.
It's very crucial for a business to have a Twitter presence to gain brand visibility.
So, here are some few points that will help you in setting up or optimising your Twitter page.

Writing a perfect Bio

Your first chance of letting your profile visitors to follow or like your page is your bio. Your bio should consist of 160 characters or less. Use keywords according to your business niche and use a mixture of keywords and hashtags, as hashtags play an important role in increasing reach.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture should best match with your business. To be accurate, you can use your business logo. The profile image should be of 400*400.


Post relevant content about your business using a combination of texts , images, and videos as some users prefer images, some prefer videos.


Hashtags play a vital role in increasing your tweet's reach. Unlike Instagram, twitter doesn't allow to use more hastags, so you should use 2-3 best and relevant hashtags.


Start engaging with the audience on twitter and start following, re- tweeting some popular tweets and people. Re-tweeting can help in increasing reach.

Use Twitter DM

To get audience to try your product or service through Twitter then start using DM and start texting users personally and collaborate with popular marketers.

Pinned tweet

Pin your best tweet to be on the top of your title so anyone who comes to your page sees the pinned top tweet first.

Customer Service

Don't limit your services to your website only. Start giving customer services through Twitter. Start asking your twitter customers if they have any problem with the product or service offered, through tweets/hashtags.

Using emojis

While offering a service, using emojis can help in increasing the engagement with your service as visitors feel connected through emojis.

Don't always be formal

Start interacting with your followers through tweets, some funny and some service related.
Being formal always would develop a thinking in the mind of your followers that you are only here for profit motive. Even big companies like 'Airtel', 'Vodafone',etc uses sarcasm in their posts and try to sell their service.

Here are some steps to build your Twitter profile like a pro:
Step 1- How to setup a Twitter business page?
Step 2- How to tweet?
Step 3- How to get followers on Twitter?


To get the best out of Twitter use these basic tips and optimise your page. 
Profile picture
Twitter DM
Pinned tweets
Customer service
Don't always be formal.

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