Why We Need Digital Marketing ?

Why we need Digital Marketing?

See Everyone has a website nowadays it is the main thing how is your website? whom you target? which location? creating a website never get you business it just an online presence but clearly what you need is visibility so for this purpose we need digital marketing for every business to understand more clearly read this

Rapid Growth of Digital World:
now people are staying more in online with mobiles, desktops & laptops. people using most social network apps like facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram for more than 2hours in a day so it is an easy way to catch customers in online ex: do you know how I celebrated new year this year: no phone calls no SMS only with WhatsApp SMS. all software people in front of systems for 8 hours & people with smartphones
Who needs Digital Marketing:
There is no exception for any business, all business needs digital marketing like hotels, restaurants, shops, real estates, stores, doctors, lawyers, schools, hospitals, government offices, private offices, banks, institutes, historical places, religious places, tourism places, events, it also need for personal popularity for celebrities, politicians & Artists. everyone needs the digital marketing.