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Why Digital Marketing So Important Now a Days

 A Traditional Marketing  Before Digital Marketing.

According to U.S Business strategy it is mandatory to invest 7 % to 8 % on marketing to Improve sales. In some special cases you can increase your marketing budget upto 10 % to 12 %. Traditional Marketing mainly deals with News Paper Advertising , Radio Advertising , Television Advertising, Telemarketing.

News Paper Advertising :

Started from June 1836. News paper and Magazine advertising is a marketing technique where advertisement cost depends on various factors :

  • ad size,
  • Page,
  • color,
  • Location,
  • Language and
  • Mainly based on paper circulation copies.

Radio Advertising :

Radio Advertising

Started from 31st August 1920.The radio advertising made an advertisement better with background music. radio advertising cost depends on

  • Audio length
  • Geo Locaion
  • Radio channel Reputation


Television Advertising :

Television Advertising

Started from 31 July 1941. Television Advertisement with visual graphics made advertisement really awesome.Television Advertisement cost depends on

  • Television program
  • Length Of video
  • Time
  • based on adtype ( banner ads, scrolling ads)

Telemarketing :

Tele Marketing

Started from 1970’s Telemarketing. Telemarketing Was the first customer engagement advertisement.  Telemarketing has more requirements than it costs

  • Follow up & time ( we have different time zones)
  • Communication skills
  • Call centers are best example for telemarketing

i think you people might know  this type of advertisements. The invention of technology always searching for new technology methods because of limitations. so it is time to know how this Digital Marketing was Started.

2. How Digital Marketing  Started?

Digital Marketing Was started on may 7 1978 with spam story. Officially started with banner ad from 1993

Spam Mail Story :

As a marketing persons we always search for new marketing technologies in a similar one of marketing person to promote their brand he started “spam mail” just watch this story.Gary Thuerk a marketing person for Digital Equipment Corporation Company to promote a product of Decsystem-20 . He promoted Decsystem 20 using ‘spam email’ forwaded directly to 400 members of “Arpanet Network” (first internet network with approximately 2600 users). Though it was a spam it was success story people responded to his email . lets take a look on the digital equipment and first spam mail

spam email

Official Start Of Digital Marketing

first banner ad

The Birth of online advertising officially started from 1993 By Global Network Navigator. To Sell a Website in Online the started online advertising with banner ad (previously called clickable Ad). It was successfully Purchased by Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe. Later in 1994 popularly  Known as Hotwired Started Banner ads with 14 companies.


4. Digital Marketing Benefits :

Digital marketing oceanDigital Marketing is Best Trending Online Marketing. Digital Marketing Is an Umbrella term of Online Marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media, Content Marketing, Business Listing & Ad posting. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing has Many advantages compares to traditional marketing. The Best Features of Digital Marketing Making Digital Marketing a best technology for next generations. ” People when they are available in online only we make marketing ” which reflects more  in customer engagement. Digital Marketing Benifits

Time Management :

We can control our advertisement timings. Suppose if you want to run advertisements 24 hours in a day it is possible. If we  want particular store time we can control. International Timings no need to check we need choose our required timings.

Cost Control :

Digital Marketing comes with cost control options. At any time you can pause and run ads. When you get sufficient leads for a day you can stop the ad and you can use your amount for next day. Pay Per Click it means you need to pay for what you have used which provides Best Cost Control option.

Effective :

We can reach right time right people. The digital Marketing strategy offers more effective plan you can choose right customer based on their Interests, Location, Language, Demographics & age Group. you can easily set your bounds and you can stop wastage

Measurable :

At any time you can easily measure how much you invested how much you gained with return of investment.

Ex: Suppose if you used three  channels Google, Facebook & Bing you can compare

  • For  Google Invested $1000  Return of Investment $ 10000
  • For Facebook Invested $1000  Return of Investment $ 7000
  • For  Bing Invested $1000  Return of Investment $ 900

Google and Facebook is performing better so we can invest more on google and Facebook. We Need to either stop bing or need to take a proper change on bing advertising.