Digital Marketing Course Modules

What is Digital MarketingDigital Marketing is the Process Of Marketing Digital Information of Any Business through Online Campaign For Effective Communication is Called Digital Marketing.Digital Marketing Course mainly includes these major modules


1)  Website Or Blog Creation

Website Creation

Creating a Blog or Website is your first step in the digital marketing process. creating a website is like making your idea to live so while creating a website you must know two things before

1.Content: content is always king for your website. choose your niche best fits for you

2.Design: design is queen choose the design that’s perfectly fitting for you niche. Learn more About Creating websites

2) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is nothing but set of rules or techniques to get the traffic to our website from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc and other sources. Yes, we can bring traffic to our websites from search engines for free of cost. Out of all, Search Engine traffic is reliable and genuine. After creation of the website, we need to index it to the search engines to see our website in that particular search engine results. We can index a website to any number of search engines. Learn More About Search Engine Optimization


3) Search Engine Marketing (PPC & Adwords)

4) Social Media Optimization

5) Social Media Marketing

6) Email Marketing

7) Content Marketing

8) Viral Marketing

9) Display & Banner Ads

10) Youtube Optimization

11) Webmaster Tools

12) Google Analytics Tools

13) App Store Optimization

14) Mobile Marketing

15) Apps Marketing

16) Affiliate Marketing

17) Youtube Marketing

18) Google Adsense (Make money online)


1. Introduction To Digital Marketing Course

  •  Why We Need Digital Marketing ?

  • How To Learn Digital Marketing ?

  • Who Can learn Digital Marketing Course ?

  • How Much It Cost To Learn Digital Marketing ?

2. Introduction To Blogs and Websites

  • Why We Need a Website for Digital Marketing ?

  • What is the difference between websites & Blogs ?

  • How To Create a blog in simple steps using blogger ?

  • How To Create a blog in simple steps using Wordpess ?

  • How To Create a Website in simple steps using blogger ?

  • How To Create a Website in simple steps using Wordpess?

3. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Seo – Why We Need it ?

  • what is seo Algorithms ?

  • What is SEO On Page Factors ? How it Will Effect on your Search Engine Visibility ?

  • What is SEO Offpage Strategy ?

  • How to Create Effective Link Building To your Website ?

4. Introduction To Online Advertising & Online Marketing ?

  • How to Promote Your Business using Advertising ?

  • How to generate leads ?How Many Types of Advertising Methods ? Which Adtype Best fits for your business ?

  • What is Email Marketing ?

  • How to make Email Marketing To Reach Clients Inbox ?what is Content Marketing ?

  • Why We Need Classification of Content ?

  • What is sms marketing ?

  • How To Create Corporate sms text ?

  • Create a viral marketing Boost You Website Traffic ?


5. How To Make Money Genuinely From Online without investment ?

  • What is a Google Adsense Account ?

  • How you can earn from google Adsense ?

  • Get an Approved Adsense Account For Your Website Generate Revenue?

  • Create Youtube Channel With Your Own Videos & Get Revenue With Adsense?

  • Create Viral videos on youtube Get More Revenue?

  • If You Already Have  Any Mobile App Get Revenue With Admob?

  • Become an Affilate Get Commission Offered by Affilate Marketing Websites?

6. Introduction to Social Media

  • How to Create Social Media Pages with  Regular updates and effectively Optimizing ?

  • Effectively Creating Social Media Marketing ?

7. Introduction to Website Reporting tools

  • What is Google webmaster tools ?

  • How to  track your google traffic ?

  • What is Google Analytics?

  • How to Integrate analytics track your visitors ?